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Australia needs stronger emission reduction targets than are currently being discussed. Prof Don Henry

The G20 needs to build a new structure of tax rules that establish taxation at a base rate for multinationals. Prof Miranda Stewart

The C20 calls on leaders to make sure growth is not just for its own sake. Joanne Yates

Australia has resumed its role as a laggard state with dangerously disproportionate influence on global climate affairs. A/Prof Peter Christoff

National political obstacles stand in the way of implementing reforms for growth. A/Prof Mark Crosby

How can we judge the importance and success of the Brisbane Summit? Bill Scales

Our special correspondent at the G20 Summit, Nicholas Reece, analyses the Leaders' Communique.

The G20 wants 100 million more women in the paid workforce. That's just part of what's needed. Melissa Conley Tyler


As the leaders fly out, Australia declares the 2% growth target is achieveable. Cathy Harper

G20 leaders have released the 2014 G20 Leaders' Communiqué. Download.

Want to know what really happens behind the pomp and ceremony? Check out our pictures from behind the scenes at the G20.

How well does each G20 member rate in managing unemployment at home? Heath Pickering and Roselina Press

We can't assume that growth will result in jobs and less poverty. Prof Anthony D'Costa

It's the most important meeting Australia has hosted and a lot of people want to get their voices heard. Roselina Press and Heath Pickering

Sometimes the protests at G20 Summits are more memorable than the meetings themselves. Click here to see our photo essay. Roselina Press